AlphaWorld Mapper

AlphaWorld Mapper

How to use AlphaMapper

AlphaMapper uses the familiar Google Maps interface. To move the map, click the map and drag it. The scrollwheel may be used for zooming in and out. To teleport to a specific map location, double click the location to center the map, and then click Teleport. To view a specific map location, enter in the coordinates and click "Go To".

AlphaMapper contains all objects built before November 21st, 2008.

Project Information

AlphaMapper is an advanced replacement map for AWMapper. Unlike AWMapper, AlphaMapper supports a multitude of Active Worlds building features (including action commands), as well as key graphical effects offered by the raytracing backend.

AlphaMapper represents years of work to recreate AlphaWorld models in a format which can be rendered with a raytracer. The map creation system allows distributed parallel map rendering among multiple computers, as well as advanced features to track map changes between property set dates.

AlphaMapper's feature set includes:

  • "Animate" command
  • "Color" command
  • "Move" command
  • "Picture" command
  • "Rotate" command
  • "Sign" command
  • "Texture" command
  • "Visible" command
  • 3-axis rotation
  • Proper support of object transparency

Project Personnel

AlphaMapper represents the culmination of years of work by the following individuals:

  • Project manager:
Ima Genius
  • Concept:
  • Object modeler:
  • Object parser:
  • Main program:
  • Distributed computing engineer:
Ima Genius
  • Database design:
Ima Genius
  • Rendering hardware provided by:
  • Google Maps API interfacing:

In addition, ImaBot is very grateful for help from the following community members:

  • Information webpage layout:
Joeman, Syntax, Abbot Pabisoko, Byte, and Agent1
  • Image tile hosting:
Active Worlds
  • Active Worlds contact:

AlphaMapper Statistics

  • Property snapshot date:
November 21, 2008January 29, 2008August 15, 2007
  • Total objects rendered:
  • Total rendering time:
14 days13 days14 days