AWGames Checkers

AWGames 85s 85e

The objective of checkers is to take all of your opponents checkers, or to trap your opponent so that he or she cannot move anywhere.  To get a board, click on the "Play as Red" or "Play as Black" sign.  The game will begin when someone else clicks the sign to play as the alternate color.  To move, simply click the checker, and click the square where it should go.  If you make an invalid move, CheckersBot will explain why the move is invalid.  When a checker of the opposite color is next to yours (diagonally), you may jump it if the jump would be jumping in a forward direction.  If after you jump, another jump is possible with the same piece, you must continue the jump.  The piece of the opposite color you have jumped is taken away.  Once your piece reaches the opposite side of the board, it becomes a king.  A king can move in any diagonal direction.  Note that when a jump is possible, you must take that jump.  If you do not take your move within three minutes, the other player will win.  If you wish to call a draw, say DRAW .  If you wish to resign, say RESIGN or click the reset sign.  You may pass a turn by saying PASS , but you may not pass two turns in a row.

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