AWGames CyPac

AWGames 65N 70e

The Game:
The objective in CyPac is to get as many points as you can.  To begin a game, click the "Click to play" sign to be automatically queued.  The bot will notify you when it's your turn and ask you to step into the teleporter.  Do not step into the teleporter if it isn't your turn.  Your mission is to repair the chips in the glass spheres by clicking them while avoiding bots.  Clicking a red chip (located in each corner of the game) causes the bots to temporarily stop.  If one is close to you, you can click it to make it go back to start position.  Once the game has ended, the bot will teleport you out of the arena.

You get a single point for every regular chip you repair.  You get five points for clicking a red chip, and you get 10 points for clicking a bot when it is in suspend mode.  There is a total of 163 chips in the game area.

It is a good idea to wait in the lobby for a bit while the area loads before playing a game.  Running too fast as soon as you get inside the game area could cause the bot not to notice you have entered.  Avoid running until the bot says "Starting game for ...".  Charlies like to sneak up behind you.  Watch out.

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