AWGames Othello

AWGames 25s 75e

In othello, two players takes turns placing pieces until the board is filled.  The objective is to have the most pieces of your color when the board is filled.  You obtain others pieces by surrounding a row, column, or diagonal with pieces of your color, leaving no empty gaps in-between.  Then the pieces within the given row are flipped over to your color.  A player may not add more than 1 piece a turn nor add a piece that does NOT flip any of the opponents pieces.  The players then continue to take turns adding pieces until the board is filled.  In the case that someone has no move that can flip a piece, his or her turn is automatically skipped, but if a person can flip a piece he or she MUST move.  To get a board, click on the "White" or "Black" sign.  The game will begin when someone else chooses to play as the alternate color.  To place a piece, simply click the square where you want it.  You may click on the players sign to check the score.  If you wish to resign, you may say  RESIGN  or click the reset sign.  If you do not move a piece for 5 minutes, your opponent wins.

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