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Build 35 (for AW 4.1)
Build 32 (for AW 3.x)


- ChatBot is provided as-is, without warranty or guarantee of any kind. If you download or use ChatBot, you have implicitly agreed to the rules and limitations set forth here.
- The user will not hold Ima Genius or ImaTowns liable for any damages, either consequential or incidental, resulting from the use of ChatBot.
- ChatBot will be used in public areas within acceptable guidelines.
- ChatBot will only be used in accordance to all rules and only in public AWI worlds, or in private worlds if authorized by the owner.
- We may, at our option, choose to disallow access to one or more users.
- You will not attempt to reverse engineer or decompile ChatBot.

What does ChatBot do?

 ChatBot lets you chat in AW without using the AW browser.  You can also run up to 3 ChatBots (or more, depending on your bot limit) and AW at one time if you want to be in many places at once.  :)

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